Epoksi Boya

EPoxy paint is a resin obtained from a chemical substance due to its structure and was used for adhesive purposes in the early days due to its pattern, shape and strength on the floor, and today it is used for floor covering processes as well as table, coffee table and Epoxy paint, which is used in various decoration materials, including three-dimensional, has proven itself in many areas.

The only and clear answer to be given about epoxy paint usage areas is the floor covering area. In this area, epoxy paint is indispensable in terms of stance and appearance on the floor.

Epoxy floor coating allows for floor designs that are desired to consist of different systems and surfaces, but the areas where successful application has been carried out have their first appearance for many years, the most important issue to be considered here is epoxy. How and how to apply the paint to the floor, we provide you with professional and timely service in this field and we deliver your material supplies on time. Before starting the epoxy coating process, definitely with our experts. exchange ideas